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Chris Ayzoukian ,Executive Director ,Patricia Reser Center for the Arts Beaverton shares a special message to the community and Mr. Balamurali Balu , Indian film composer shares his experience and journey into film music.

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Patricia Reser Center for Arts

Music director MR.Balamurali Balu

Thanks giving Cooking with Sumi Promod

Mrs. Sumi Promod is an entrepreneur and cooking host. She currently runs the Curry TV and Nirvana TV Youtube channel and she is also the host on the Asianet’s American Kitchen show. Today is preparing live Cauliflower steak with Chimmichuri sauce.

Pencil Art by Lavanya Kumaran

Sur Aur Nritya - Ek Anoka Aviskar

Presenting you a Diwali cultural extragavaganza from Deepa’s dance academy and Sur aur Saptak team. Along with them Lavanya Kumaran a pencil artist shares her artistic skills throught the program. Enjoy and have a blast.. Happy Diwali..

Creative Conversations with Natya Leelas

Creative conversation with Subashini Ganesan, Sweta Ravishankar and Yashaswani Raghuram. The artists share their experience and achievements in their respective art forms.

Subashini Ganesan The Creative Laureate of Portland, Oregon Founder & Director, New Expressive Works Artistic Director, Natya Leela Academy

Sweta Ravishankar Sweta Ravisankar is a Bharatanatyam dancer, choreographer and teacher based out of Portland, OR. Sweta holds a Masters degree in Bharatanatyam, MFA and runs her dance school, “Sarada Kala Nilayam” in Portland, OR and San Jose, CA

You can watch her videos on her youtube channel

Yashaswini is a principal dancer and the Assistant Director of Odissi Dance Company, the only actively touring Odissi company in the United States. She is a member of “Sankalpa dance ensemble” a three member Bharatanatyam dance ensemble in portland.

Capturing Moments & Creating Memories ..

Mr.Gidu Sriram , a community icon in the Greater Portland area shares his experience and Journey. He is a multitalented person with a great memory for remembering peoples birthdays. Watch and enjoy his candid conversation.

Siddha medicine for a healthy lifestyle

Dr. Uma Senthilkumar and Dr.Arul Amudhan share an informative and engaging presentation on the role of siddha medicine for a healthy living.

Wellness consultation with Siddha Practitioners in India for common ailments – Dr Selvashanmugam, MD PhD (Siddha) and Dr. Arul Amuthan, MD (Siddha) PhD (Pharmacology). Bio of today’s SPOTLIGHT Doctors > Please visit our website
Global Center For Siddha Medicine and Research (GCSMR)

Covid Comrades - Pdx Concierge/ Feeding frontline workers

PDX Concierge team (A Student’s movement) and Feeding frontline workers (A People’s movement) share their inspiring stories and experience during the global pandemic.

SPB Musical Tribute - By Agni Band

Portland’s own Agni band performed a multilingual musical tribute to the legend SPB. Along with the band we had Marco performing live painting of the legend.

Rythmically Resonating with Shivy Vanka ( Kalabharathi School of Dance) Oregon

Mrs. Shivy Vanka , founder and director of Kalabharathi School of dance shares her experience, life journey and interesting facts on the PDXA1 Spotlight show.

Musically Speaking with Lavanya & Smitha

Musically speaking with Mrs.Lavanya Madhavan and Mrs.Smitha Chakravarthi on the PDXA1 Spotlight show.

Women in community service - A perspective from Chetna Foundation

Chetana Foundation a non profit organization established in Oregon share their perspective on importance of women in community service.

Launching a Successful startup - Ganesh Shankar (CEO, RFPIO)

Mr. Ganesh Shankar, CEO of RFPIO shares his journery and experiences in starting a successful startup. This is part of the entrepreneur success stories.

Women Entrepreneurs - Mrs.Sumathi (Chennai Masala) & Mrs. Chandrika(Elegance events)

Succesful women entrepreneurs Mrs. Sumathi Raj of Chennai Masala and Mrs. Chandrika Nimagadda of Elegance events share their entrepreneurial journey and experiences.

Coping up with Covid 19 - Mrs. Harini Sukumaran

Mrs. Harini Sukumaran of Mind Tree consulting shares with us the stratergies to take care of our kids mental health during this pandemic.